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Grace Trufant is back again. Estranged from her husband because of her infidelities she is losing her husband Edwin to another woman, who happens to be his best friend. Grace Trufant learns she is pregnant and not sure of the paternity of the child. The threat of single motherhood is not a situation she will entertain. Grace plots and schemes to keep ties with her former lover Brian and her estranged husband intact until the arrival of her baby. Once again she is back to her old tricks but fate plays a greater part in the plan. Tragedy, death and unexpected meetings throw salt in the game as Grace maneuvers to take advantage of all situations.  Grace is not the only woman with FeMALE TRAITS in this one. Felicia Hubert, wife of successful accountant Stacey Hubert, has plans of her own. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side as she goes through a mid-life crisis proves to be too much for her to bear. Check out the moves in FeMALE TRAITS II. 

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