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Authorís note

First, thank you for reading FeMALE TRAITS The Trilogy. I know a lot of you want to know what happens next to Edwin, Dominique, Sonia and Jeremy. Well, after reading so many reviews, I decided to pen this little note. Let me first say there will be no more FeMALE TRAITS; part III was really the final chapter. It has been suggested that I write MALE TRAITS in response to this Trilogy (Joyce Perkins are you listening!!!!) but it is not in me to continue with the same style of writing. Sure I have heard of 'if it is not broke donít fix it' but some of us are hardheaded. For those of you who say the novel MEN DONíT LEAVE is nothing like FeMALE TRAITS that was the idea. MDL encompasses a different style and is therefore a slower developing book (subtle warning) but I am proud of it as well. My novel Plan B, Some Kind of Crazy gets back to a style similar to TRAITS but I looked to go deeper within my character. The novel BAD LUCK is written in the voice of a male and was a challenge to capture how men act and react to situations. Only you the reader can tell if I hit the mark so check it out and let me know.

Now, for the thing most of you have been waiting for. If I were to continue the FeMALE TRAITS series here is what would happen:..

Edwin would be found innocent of the murders for the obvious reasons (Remember, his gun did not fire!) Having recently found more of his manhood before the awful tragedy befalling his wife, Edwin would manage to pull himself together and seek love. Not with Sonia people; some things are better in their original form than what we twist them to be!

Dominique and Jeremy being the street slick people they are would alibi each other and pack their bags and head back home.Trenton is not for everyone!!!  Did I just say they would get away with double murder? Yes, I think I did!

Sonia after having not found Edwin at the funeral would seek him out because we all know it is impossible to turn off your feelings if you are a true friend. After taking an outsiders role of helping him with his legal issues, she would find herself gazing out the window seat of a 747 as she headed back to Atlanta to find her own happiness.

Yes, sometimes life does not end in a neat and pretty little package. But then again that's life!!!


If you just read this page and did not understand what I was rambling about then the only way to remedy that problem is to read Lurea C. McFaddenís FeMALE TRAITS The Trilogy, MEN DONíT LEAVE and Plan B, Some Kind of Crazy and BAD LUCK!

Thanks again,